helping handsThe Beeches was originally established in 1988 as a residential care home.  We soon realised that although adults need help and support, what they really want is to lead independent and integrated lives of real quality in surroundings that are familiar to them – i.e. their own homes.

We now provide care for more than 200 people in North Wiltshire and Gloucestershire working in partnership with Local Authorities which have awarded contracts to The Beeches for domiciliary care provision in both counties.

We operate through a network of locally operated offices - each has an in-depth understanding of the immediate area, its amenities and what's available for older people in their community.  Each office is staffed by those who share our passion for care and who have genuine and personal reasons for wanting to provide the best support for older people and others whose lives can be enriched by love, care and concern. So you can depend on The Beeches to provide the very best advice based on your needs, your locality and your unique requirements.