How much does the service cost and can I get any help with the fees?

As we offer a broad range of care and support solutions which are tailored to your own personal requirements, the cost, therefore, will depend on the level of care that we have been asked to provide. Please call your local office and we will be happy to provide you with a price list.

We will put together a detailed plan for you which, as well as setting out the care to be delivered, also shows the weekly costs.  We will send you a monthly bill. If you wish to pay by standing order just let us know.

Subject to your financial circumstances, you may be entitled to assistance with the cost of your care either from your local Social Services office or via other Government grants.

There are various forms of funding available to help individuals and families with the costs of domiciliary care.  

Direct Payments

If you need support to help you to maintain your independence and live your life the way that you want to, and if you are eligible for support from social services, you can take charge of your own care by receiving Direct Payments.

Direct Payments are monies paid by the Local Authority directly to those who have been assessed as needing care at home.  This gives you more choice and control over the support services you need. Instead of arranging your support services for you, your Local Authority will give you the money they would normally spend on your care so that you can buy the support that you want.

Any cash payment that comes from Direct Payments must be used to arrange services to meet the individual’s care needs as assessed by the social worker.

Direct payments can be used to buy all of the support that you have been assessed as needing or just part of that support. There is a range of support services available. Each person's needs are different; it is important to discuss what the direct payment will be spent on with a social worker as the social services department must agree what the direct payment can be used for.

If your local health authority agrees that your health needs meet the criteria for funding, you are entitled to nursing and domiciliary care in your own home, should you so choose.  This would be subject to a clinical assessment.

Phone your local benefits office or the Department of Health on: 08701 555455

Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a tax free benefit for people aged 65 or older, who need help with personal care.

Phone your local benefits office or (0845) 7123456 for advice.

Benefits Enquiry Line - This is a confidential FREEPHONE service for people with disabilities, their representatives and carers.

Phone (0800) 882200 for advice.

Disability Living Allowance

A tax-free benefit for children and adults with an illness or disability who are aged under 65.  Payments can be used for help with mobility or personal care.

Phone your local benefits office or (0845) 7123456 for advice.

Independent Living Fund

People with high support needs wishing to live independently may qualify for ILF payments.  Grants are not subject to “means testing” and a family’s earnings are not relevant to the funding criteria.  ILF is only available to those over 16 and under the age of 65.

Phone ILF directly on (0845) 6018815 for advice.

Senior Line

A welfare advice line run by Help the Aged for older people and their carers. Free, confidential and impartial advice about benefits and community care.

Phone (0808) 8006565

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